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For ages I’ve been wanting to have a live webcam, but try as I might I just couldn’t work out how they worked. ) the foxes aren’t playing ball, the neighbours cat seems to have done a bunk and all the squirrels and birds are asleep.Today I noticed a webcam on a nature website provided by a company called Camstreams. Still, now that I’ve got it working I can play with the positioning of the camera, and try to bring you some “interesting” live footage (as well as archiving some as well).Ratings: YTags: YComments: YLive chat: YViewer count: YEmbedding: YRecorded shows: YDesign: Navigation: Features: Overall: Launched: April 2007Like Stickam, kyte is something of a hybrid service of which live video streaming is just a part.

The lowly webcam has been enjoying something of a renaissance of late, aided by increased broadband penetration, improved streaming codecs, more kit being bundled with webcam functionality (e.g.Ratings: NTags: NComments: NLive chat: NViewer count: YEmbedding: YRecorded shows: NDesign: Navigation: Features: Overall: April 2007Veodia is a distributed live streaming product for embedding in blogs and corporate sites and doesn't aggregate any content on its site beyond a couple of sample videos.Unlike most of the alternatives (which use Flash) it streams using MPEG-4/H.264.Launched in March of this year, the 24/7 'lifecast' streams continuous video from a mobile camera attached to Justin's cap and has attracted a significant amount of media attention.Whilst the concept isn't new (anyone remember Jenni Cam?

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