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Rated RThe Night of 1,000 Cats (1972) UNCUT VERSION WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES Directed by Rene Cardona, Mexico A disturbed swinger keeps a heard of flesh-hungry cats to devour the bodies of his beautiful female victims! In hopes of repairing things, they vacation at a deceased relatives mansion.Yeah it's crap, but I liked the old cave-like castle setting and the cheesy cat attacks! Wasson, USA Horrifying dick-ripping entrail-slinging yeti! A hearty portion of intriguing dialogue ensues as they find they arent alone.~Melissa Kusia (1969) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Lindsay Shonteff, UK A twisted judge is in reality a psychopathic modern-day "Jack The Ripper" in this rare one set against the foggy streets of London's sordid Soho club scene!Jack May stars with Justine Lord and Linda Marlowe. Emma Cohen, a young woman from a rich family but of ill health, falls for a mysterious count (Carlos Ballesteros) who is rumored to have ties with a legion of vampires. Starring Keith Larsen (as Keith Erik Burt), Randy Stafford, Ronald Taft and Kathryn Loder.Finally an English subtitled copy of this gruesome gothic werewolf movie! The movie was sourced from a tape of a tv broadcast (minus the commercials and with subtitles added by yours truly) so the picture quality looks a bit soft but still quite watchable. Macumba Love (1960) UNCUT EUROPEAN VERSION ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Douglas Fowley June "44-20-36" Wilkinson (no, that's not her license plate) stars in this story of an author who travels to Brazil seeking a connection between strange murders and voodoo! Malenka, the Niece of the Vampire (aka Fangs Of The Living Dead, 1968) UNCUT VERSION ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH DUTCH SUBTITLES Directed by Ammando De Ossorio, Spain This is the longer European version of the fun vampire thriller starring Anita Ekberg. Vampire 5, 1992) CANTONESE DIALOGUE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Directed by Ricky Lau, Hong Kong Ching-Ying Lam of the "Mr.The "Fangs..." version was cut for time purposes but contained a very short epilogue not found in "Malenka", so we've tacked that on after the movie as an extra! Vampire" movies returns to battle hopping vampires in this crazy horror / action / comedy from China!

Rated RRing of Darkness (Italian title: Un Ombra Nell Ombra, 1979) WIDE-SCREEN PICTURE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH GREEK SUBTITLES Directed by Pier Carpi, Italy / UK Daria (Lara Wendel) is the obnoxious 13 year old daughter of Carlotta (Anne Heywood) and Satan!(1976) ENGLISH LANGUAGE Directed by Michael Pataki, USA Scientist tries to restore his daughters sight by using unwilling eyeball donors! Starring Peter Dyneley, Jane Hylton and Tetsu Nakamura. The straight-forward approach to the story makes for an unsettling viewing experience.Rated R un-typical and fable-like tale of a seventh son bestowed with a werewolf curse.However, this only emerges when he falls in love with a beautiful young woman.One memorable scene when Nazarene descends into hell has touches of Fellini and Moctezuma's Alucarda.

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