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I saw him play at Madison Square Garden, and I was blown away. Later on, the two shared a great deal in common, and not just the fact that they were both media icons and were born in the same month and year.They attempted working together but ultimately never did.When you write with somebody, it's a weird experience, you feel vulnerable and shy.

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He came round, but not enough to take him to the zoo.

Matt Fiddes, from Barnstaple, Devon, who was introduced to the pop star around 10 years ago by psychic Uri Geller, said there was "someone special" in Jackson's life, but refused to identify the mystery woman. I know she's been with him for some time in different capacities but...it's up to her if she wants it to come out or the family to speak about this very private information." "And Uri confiscated injection equipment from his room ...

Uri would scream at Michael, you know, intensely, to stop doing this but we were getting pushed out.

When he died, everyone was saying what a great genius he was, but it's important to appreciate things before you lose them.

It's a great tragedy." Don't miss "Michael Jackson's This Is It" Premiere Special, airing on MTV and VH1 on Tuesday, October 27 at p.m. "Michael Jackson's This Is It" opens in a limited engagement on October 27 and and wide on October 28.

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