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Popular ROM verification tools include: All of the Windows tools can be run on Linux (x86) using Wine. The remainder of this section will focus on clrmamepro for Windows, one of the most popular tools.It is possible with clrmamepro to change one or two options and when it runs it will delete all your existing ROMs.OK, not really - using the default options it will make backups of any files it removes, but it is still possible to mess up their ROMs beyond repair when getting started with clrmamepro. The existing Web Scanner mechanism was not supported by all the browsers and required changes in the methodology.The results of system scans can also be transformed to well-readable result reports.The general command syntax is the following: utility can be used to validate the security content against standard SCAP XML schemas.

The general syntax of such a validation command is the following: With certain SCAP content, such as OVAL specification, you can also perform a Schematron validation.

Options: --datastream-id package, which provides the Script Check Engine (SCE).

The SCE is an extension of the SCAP protocol that allows content authors to write their security content using a scripting language, such as Bash, Python, or Ruby.

DATs describe the ROM contents including filenames, file sizes, and checksums to verify contents are not incorrect or corrupt.

The wiki pages for MAME, FB Alpha, and Neo Geo include DATs and detailed information about the ROM sets needed for the various arcade emulators.

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