Trichy aunties for dating

On seeing, this she said casually , it would be better if you had some oil on your skin before you take bath , it will help your skin. Sitara just took some oil from the shelf and asked me to go bathroom . While rubbing she was giving me advices on how to take care of my skin and with that she asks me to turn her so that she can do my back.I was still in my Shorts , She followed me with her saree tucked up in her waist. She asked me whether if it is okay with me for her to rub oil on me. I turned and faced the wall with both my hand on the wall She gently rubs my back , my legs .Sitara was sitting on the floor cutting the vegetables and she saw me and commented that i was still lean and need to put on weight.I answered her saying that whatever i eat , i do not put weight.My Shorts was sticking with my body and my outline was clearly visible.I could see my penis grown and was bulged but intact within my underwear.Then she asked me to turn around , which i did slowly covering my pecker with both my hands.she casually applied gel all over my chest and anf stomach.

she continued with my hands , legs and lower back .My mother and father had gone to attend one of their friends daughter wedding in Bangalore.She had come home that day to see my mother , it was a sunday and i was just getting up from my bed and with laziness i opened the door and she was there , she was wearing a saree. Usually when my parents go out of station , i have my breakfast lunch and dinner in nearby hotels .She let me stand in the shower and washed her hand in the wash basin and took the Liquid soap and rubbed it all over me.She stopped the shower since it was spraying all over her.

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