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The baby’s back is on the heaviest side of its body.

This means that the back will naturally gravitate towards the lowest side of the mother’s abdomen. if you are sitting on a chair leaning forward, then the baby’s back will tend to swing towards your tummy. if you are lying on your back or slouching on a sofa, then the baby’s back may swing towards your back.

The ‘occiput posterior’ (OP) position is not as ideal.

In a posterior position, the baby is still head down, but facing your tummy instead of your back.

Sometimes a low anterior placenta can be the reason why Mothers of babies in the ‘posterior’ position are more likely to have longer and more painful labours (backache labour) as the baby usually has to turn all the way around to face your back in order to be born.

The best way to do this is to spend lots of time kneeling upright or sitting upright, or on hands and knees.

When you sit on a chair, make sure your knees are lower than your pelvis, and your trunk should be tilted slightly forwards.

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