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Many Christians (perhaps including Peter) were seized, tortured, and done to death in the arena. Except for the manner of the Christians’ deaths, which he thought excessively cruel, he showed no sympathy for the Christians.

Recording that “Christus, from whom the name [Christians] had its origin” was executed by “one of our procurators, Pontius Pilate,” Tacitus described the Christians as a “class hated for their abominations” and guilty of “hatred of the human race,” an accusation he also made against the Jews.

Indeed, the writer of Luke-Acts appears to go out of his way to reassure the Roman authorizes of the loyalty and general value of the Christians and the hostility of the Jews toward them. Nero, however, managed to deflect blame first, apparently, on the Jews, who had a reputation for large-scale arson but also had friends at court; and then onto the Christians.

However, Domitlla, the emperor’s kinswoman () who was exiled to the island of Pantelleria [near Sicily], was believed to have been a Christian. 112, Pliny was sent by the emperor Trajan (98–117) to Bithynia to restore the province from ravages caused by maladministration and corruption.

The accusation of “atheism”—denial of the existence and power of the gods—might point in that direction. He toured the province and when he reached the far east end, near Amastris, he encountered Christians.

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