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During that time, one of her patients was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was seeking treatment for polio and reportedly considered Ridings to be his favorite nurse.Over a decade later, President Roosevelt was leading the country through World War II and Ridings was serving as a corporal in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC).She was scheduled to participate in a travel junket in Cuba and flew to Jamaica for the first part of the trip.However, the junket soon learned that they would be denied entry into Cuba, and since all flights back to New York were booked for the next several days, Kirschhoch and another writer were rerouted to stay at the Beaches Resort in Negril.Hudson plays Effie White, a feisty singer who finds herself cast out of the group and replaced by the slimmer and blander Deena, played by pop superstar Beyonce. The role has already earned Hudson a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, Bafta and Critics Choice awards.

The last confirmed sighting of Kirschhoch was by a lifeguard, who saw her walking along the beach with a portable radio later that day.

At approximately PM that evening, a housekeeper entered Ridings’s hotel room and was shocked to find the corporal’s half-nude body on the bed.

Ridings had been beaten and mutilated with a broken whiskey bottle.

Since only 46 cents were found in the room, which wouldn’t have covered Ridings’s hotel bill, robbery was the presumed motive.

The case took a strange turn when a bellboy reported delivering ice to Ridings’s room three hours before she was found.

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