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Cory swings by around and we make up a good dinner of steak and veggies on the BBQ. B: I’m an engineer, I work for B: That’s nice, I’ve only lived in Canada so far, but I’d like to live somewhere else, possibly the Middle East. However, I continue and go way too empathetic, and tell her that I’m a good listener and am good at talking people through things.

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…now you are probably thinking then why don’t you want to continue dating me? Once i have decided to call her, I sit there with my phone in front of me, thinking about what to say. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I suffer from something I like to call “phone anxiety.” I absolutely hate calling strangers on the phone, and sometimes it takes considerable will-power for me to overcome this.A new restaurant on edge of the River Oaks District has launched and, unlike most of the District's tenants, it's a very affordable place to dine.Inferno Pizza opened quietly last week on the first floor of the Sky House River Oaks apartment building.The restaurant offers free delivery to Sky House residents and will also deliver to the adjacent Wilshire and Arabella condos when those buildings open later this year. The restaurant will celebrate its grand opening on Wednesday with 50 percent off all pizzas from am until 10 pm, and the Texans preseason game will be on all TV screens.One day at work, my buddy Jack suggests that I try Speed Dating. G: B: I’m planning like a kind of like a Scandinavian kind of tour for the summer. Petersburg for awhile…all the destinations…5.5 weeks…I have lots of vacation saved up from last year, so I’m burning it up. Like I grew up in BC, but the jobs out here are so much better. The plant is in really bad shape, the catalyst moves around continually so lots of things break. I text her that night, and then later in the week to joke around.

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