Online dating pick up lines that work

If you don’t feel confident right away, just remember these words: “Everybody’s faking it.” If you’re nervous or uncertain, it’s more than likely that the other person is just as nervous and uncertain—if not more so!

Other times you wish there were someone to share your nights with and talk about your interests to.

of 86 different psychology, sociological and behavioral studies conducted by researchers from Barts and the London School of Medicine and the University of North Texas, there's a right and a wrong way to initiate conversations when online dating.

The study found that open-ended questions are most likely to get responses because they can have "many possible positive answers." Adding a bit of playful, unexpected humor and candid exposures of (light) personal information can really help.

Grab two glasses of mulled wine — one to share, of course — and go talk to that cute… Here are 10 pickup lines should you encounter a cute stranger with a pooch of their own (please make no references, funny or not, to…

Fun holiday pickup lines are hardly out of place in the season of cheesy Rudolph sweaters and polyester Santa hats. Just because you’re taking Buddy out for his daily walk — and your daily poop-scooping routine — doesn’t mean you can’t find love at the dog park.

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