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Rocktard turning the light on & off being spooky, Princesstard cracking her head, Sontard & knife lessons, Rocktard with a oven mitt, Shay watching the Rawn music video, kids going to go out trick or treating, trick or treaters at the door.

SEA SPIDER - Shay on shoot for Mystery Guitarman, Princesstard helping Shay reverse, Princesstard getting her hair done, Princesstard in a bed.

A lady at the airport with Cats in her bag, pretending to be ill to have more room. Rocktard opens fridge door, talking to Callie, ther gn the kids to watch the Shaycarl video together, kids opening some presents. Shay didnt film anymore footage that day & shave november for Shay, talking about the podcast. - A guy collecting bottles & cans on the side of the road. Babytard eating an apple, singing Jingle bells & hanging out with Shay. On the 1# beach in the USA, why Shay paints his toenails,putting the cam doing the escalator rail, Mommytard with neck rest on. Sontard in a cool jacket, at a resturant 'The Warehouse’ looking at the photos on the wall of famous people who have been there. Sontard throwing balls for prizes, Mommytard getes a ball in, Sontard with a water gun firemanrace, Sontard wins a Dumbo, Gage witha big baseball ball.

Shooting a video with Sam Macaroni where he plays Donkey Kong. Seeing all the kids at home, looking at the letters & drawings, sticky spiders on ceiling, Shay with batman mask on. Cleaning the house & Rocktard standing on a stool by the door, getting ready for thanksgiving. Shays fave ride is the swing ride going around, Shay rides with Princesstard.-BABY POWDER EXPLOSION! Sontard got in the mail, Princesstard being sassy.

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Princesstad trying to get rocktard to beatbox, Callie is coming to vist The Shaytards in a few weeks, Brett uploading a vlog. Jackson Harris at the Shaytards, Shay & Jackson wrestling, watching baseball. Out at dinner, Mommytard lime up her nose, kids don’t know him. Mommytard, Babytard & Rocktard are home, talking about a school parade. kids in a jumping thing with netting, Princesstard doing a spider flinging, Shay on the monkey bars with cooper on his back, going into spook alley/haunted house, kidtards dancing on bails of hay, Shay spinning Babytard around, Carlie & Shay dancing, Shay putting camoflage on Sontards face, Sontard is a army dude, Rocktard dinosaur, Gage batman, casey robin, Princesstard & mommytard vampire, Babytard princesstard, shay secerity, cooper blue powerranger. - Babytard dancing around the living room to Callie Moore in a white dress, Sontard doing a jackson harris dance.

Kids climbing on Shays back while he bucks to see if they can stay on. - Raining outside with Malachi running around, mud in the house. Looking for a hotel in Florida & packing for Charles & Allies Wedding. - One take in Florida, Shay looking into a mirror saying the theme with his teeth together,looking at the room service, looking out the window, Shay wearing his new suit jacket, Shay pretending to be Tom Cruise, Mommytard jumping on the bed. - A Little Mermaid bus, Sleepy Rocktard, Shay & Mommytard heading to Florida for Charles & Allies wedding, Mommytard has a magazine to read on the plane & sweets. Looking at the Justin Bieber perfume, buying a suit. BURGLARY - In charlestrippys closet, stealing shirts & hoodies. - Looking at an old telephone, Shay & Colette going to pick up Shays pants, frog & pantha bracelet, bumblebee in urinal. Shay getting the kids from school, talking about his hair & not wanting to cut it till dec 25th. At caseys, picking princesstard up by her bag,saying how sontard got the mark on his face. - A guy goes to The Shaytard house & teaches the kids about sharing your time with God & fun. Picking up Sontard rfom school he learnt about adverbs. Shay at sontards school at the bookfair, sontard wants a book on lego, princesstard wanting to get a book for babytard, . Getting ready to go to a music video shoot, the girls dancing to the rap, shay twirling around with rocktard. At the shoot, rocktard tapping mommytard in the face, shay wearing his own shoe, the girls dancing, Shay & rocktard on top of the van, Gage vlogging,. - With the calendars, all the boxes, showing us january, babytard filming her hand, & princesstard.

Rocktard put baby powder all over his face, getting ready to go to church, Sontard telling us that rocktard took his diaper off & pooped. Princesstard playing with Rocktard with a blanket on her head, Babytard singing. - Shay telling us that Rocktard put his hands all over the keyboard so it tells everything your doing on the laptop, Shay is going to go to Nampa to have a talk with Youtube. Shay & Mommytard out for a run, Looking at a quote on a wall, crane by teh side of the pool, Shay saying about Mommytards drress being at the drycleaners. At olive Garden sitting with Charles & Alli’s parents. DANCE PRACTICE - Mommytard cleaning the camera screen, out with Kayli looking for xmas presents, Shay’s hand in a puddle,talking about how they don’t know whats gunna happen when filming it but we know when we watch it. Carlie teaching girls a danceshe made for a rap video. Mommytard with sleepy rocktard, looking at rocktards little hands & feet.

Mommytard did some cooking, Danna is over, strfry,.

Sontard doing homework, Sontard wearing Shaycarl shoes.

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