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She needed the approval, the affirmation and the attention. She needed to be reminded that her breasts still captured a guy's imagination, that her nipples still drew stares from afar, that a guy walking behind couldn't help but gawk at her tight ass and that she was irresistible to most all everyone. Something inside was simply unable to fully accept she was attractive and worthy of being loved. He didn't pay her much attention since she appeared to be barely out of college but when she went to pay and came up some short things changed. I'll be there in a minute," he said pleasantly without looking up from his reading.But she never seemed to get enough from men and that was a good part of the reason she was here with Bobby tonight. Another part, or maybe the same part, also couldn't see the physical assets she possessed as being nearly perfect. "Jasmine, I don't think you'd be safe walking these country roads any more than a city street. The woman dug into her purse spilling most of it onto the counter. He's out of town for the next few weeks." "Are you married? "Yep, but he don't treat me good at all." "Jasmine! "If I thought he'd find out I wouldn't have gone out. C'mon, I won't take your clothes off" She kissed him. He sat in the main office area, his briefcase on the floor and several papers in hand that he studied intently. Taking a deep breath he looked up admiring the water color paintings on one wall.Click the play button to see the live view on the cam.You will need the free Adobe© Flash Player to view the camera.In Part 1 the main character, Bobby Lewis enters a new undertaking and in the process finds himself in a bit of a pickle due to a combination of his choices and a woman's mission.

He called her on his way home from work and they went to the other bar in town and enjoyed some brews and laughs. He noticed how Williams sidled up to her while they talked, how he looked to her, almost for authorization when he made certain statements and she seemed to be the one exuding the persona of leadership more so than he.Two hours and seven bears later she stood on wobbly legs, "OK, are you ready to take me home? Williams had told him that she would serve as his contact when he needed administrative approval or advice.My world is spinning," she said laughing and turning around. That comment took him by surprise since he was the one whose head would most likely role if positive changes didn't happen here soon. K only nodded in agreement when Williams acknowledged her as his school contact.To view live web cams, locate construction areas, view message signs, and find out about road conditions on Knoxville's interstates/highways, visit the TDOT Smart Way Information System at gov/traffic.Below, select the camera in the area you want to view.

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