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A larger and more modern pub of the same name was built and opened – and later demolished – on the opposite side of the road.

The terrace of ‘Coronation Street’ styled houses had by the late ’60s already been knocked down in readiness for a major redevelopment scheme for the whole area.

Dennis’ photograph shows his late grandmother, Mrs Annie Harrison with her dog outside her home at Number 9 Terrace Road.At 14 he left school and became a milkman for a Westbourne dairy.Freddie began boxing professionally at Bournemouth in 1936 and by 1948 he had won the prestigious title of light-heavyweight champion of the world.“I went to my first school, St Michael’s, up the road.I was very young at the time and don’t have any specific memories of Freddie Mills, but my grandma and her children would have known them”, said Dennis.

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