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However, she is given a coupon sheet to take part on a raffle for various products from the Pet Shop.You start living at Misato's apartment, and every character is already living at Tokyo-3, even Asuka, Kaji and Kaworu.Toji's scenario objective is to become an Eva pilot and defeat the Mass Production Eva Series.Uncover the secrets behind "EVAs' Development" and the "Marduk Institute", and become an EVA Pilot. *Toji dies near the end in this scenario, although it's from the battle with Zeruel.

That's right: all 4 levels of information for all 24 subjects.This Scenario is not very difficult, although there are lots of scenes to activate.It is a rather light-hearted Scenario, like a high school comedy.Toji takes care of her little sister, who remains in the hospital, recovering from the wounds suffered after Sachiel's battle.Toji blames Shinji for his clumsy controls of the EVA-01, but he ignores what destiny has planned for him.

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