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The imposters told the pilot the case will be heard in court, but they will save him.He paid Rs 9.7 lakh in instalments, but the men called the pilot again in March and demanded Rs 2 lakh.Adult dating sites can be less honey and more trap — a pilot with a private airline will swear an oath on that.The pilot, a young Delhi native whose name is withheld to protect his privacy, was among more than 100 gullible friendship-seekers targeted by a gang of extortionists in the past two years.Success Rate I’m all for finding my soulmate on a dating app; I came pretty close myself.

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Hinge prides itself on an exclusive number of users who range from middle to upper class. With the other, there was instant chemistry, dates, courtship and well, it amounted to something pretty serious and wasn’t all about the bass (although that was a bonus).

“The pilot gave Rs 120,000 to the men but they kept insisting on Rs 20 lakh.

After prolonged negotiations, they finally agreed to take Rs 10 lakh,” said Vijay Singh, the deputy commissioner of police, Northwest district.

What I liked about the app was that it offered a sort of exclusivity that was strangely underrated.

I have always maintained that the crowd you get in Mumbai is very different from the crowd you get in Delhi; especially, when it comes to dating. No, it isn’t available in Delhi yet and I don’t know why.

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