Colin egglesfield dating kate hudson

Kate Hudson may have already embarked on a summer fling with her co-star Colin Egglesfield. Since her divorce from Chris in 2006, Kate has hooked up with and dated a bevy of Hollywood hunks: Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard, Lance Armstrong, and Alex Rodriguez, just to name a few.

Remember when Kate Hudson was married to Chris Robinson and her love life wasn't constantly in the news? And, now, we might be able to add one more name to the list - Kate's actor play on-screen fiances and have quite a number of kissing scenes.

Goodwin: Yes, we try and keep it secret until we can figure out our feelings for each other and break it to Darcy.

I mean, are we already feeling nostalgic for Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows?

Because I'd give that guy a reason to roll his eyes.

I saw the movie earlier this week, and I actually thought the final scenes were decent.

Can we just get through this last interview, please? He's really supportive of my character, and there's some question about whether he's in love with her. Just rolls his eyes and makes snide comments, only he wears tighter jeans in Something Borrowed. So, it turns out that Dex had a crush on my character, too. So your character doesn't know that her best friend is sleeping with your character's soon-to-be husband? (turns to assistant) Hey, where's my drink already? Hudson: You mean, you fuck like Mike and Carol behind my back? Pajiba: There's a novelty 90's cover band in this movie.

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