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Although Osmayev’s extradition to Russia was halted by the European Court of Human Rights, he spent nearly three years behind bars in Odessa for illegal possession of explosives and forgery.

But in October last year – amid tensions between Moscow and Kiev – Ukrainian authorities dropped the charges of attempted assassination and, with the help of his wife Amina Okuyeva, he was finally able to secure his release.

His next step was to join one of the many armed militias formed following Ukraine’s revolution against Russian control, in February last year.

Twenty years on from his school days, the Old Wycliffian is a battle-hardened veteran of the conflict between the now independent republic of Ukraine and its Russian minority.

“There were never any problems or violence,” said Mrs Workman.

Mr Macron warned Mr Putin that chemical weapons in Syria were a “red line” for France and that he would monitor further civil rights violations of gay people in Chechnya.

The pair of leaders shook hands for the cameras in front of the Palace of Versailles, but their body language appeared tense.

Last week, however, the former pupil of Wycliffe College, in Stroud, reappeared with the announcement that he had been appointed head of a militia charged with defending the besieged Ukrainian city of Debaltseve in the face of assault by Russian-backed separatist forces.

The battle for Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine has seen Osmayev, a native Chechen, and the men of his Dzhokar Dudayev Battalion engaged in fierce firefights and tank bombardments across the city’s neighbourhoods, railway marshalling yards and road network.

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