Charatan dating

Charatan are synonymous with top quality production and were once the most expensive pipes in the world.Charatan Grosvenor pipes are made in the traditional way using only the finest seasoned Mediterranean briar and quality ebonite mouthpiece. Sandblast almost black finish with natural grain in a bold relief. Al, after a quick reading of the article at pipedia I would tend to agree, possibly a tighter range 1958-61?Identification of a third era pipe (First Lane era, 1961-1965) Presence in some models of the stamp MADE BY HAND on the shank (introduced for the first time in 1958) The mouthpiece is frequently double comfort, rarely saddle without the double comfort, never tapered.

There's a little rim darkening, and the chamber has been over-reamed, but the walls are good and thick, so it shouldn't be an issue. — Daniel Bumgardner STAMPING: XXXXXXXXXXX (over CHARATAN'S MAKE stamp) LONDON ENGLAND MADE BY HAND Extra Large (in script)Condition: 4.5/5 The chamber has been reamed to bare wood and has some small blemishes from scraping with a knife.

I'd say "extra large" is accurate, and yet, despite the sheer size, and this one's freehand shaping, the distinctive Charatan "look" is still quite clear.

The well-defined heel, rakish posture, and thick transition all point to the marque, not to mention that familiar stepped bit.

Charatan were the first brand to make their briar pipes entirely by hand, from the block of briar, right down to the stem.

The brand name 'Charatan's Make' was to differentiate their pipes as a hand made product as opposed to other companies who assembled their pipes from bought in pre-turned bowls and ready made stems.

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