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The Berlaymont building, which is near Maalbeek station and is the headquarters of the European Commission, was placed in lockdown.Controlled explosions were carried out on suspicious objects around Maalbeek station.The authorities received a tip-off from a taxi driver once they released photos of the suspects several hours after the attacks.Inside the home, they discovered a nail bomb, 15 kilograms (33 lb) of acetone peroxide, 151 litres (33 imp gal; 40 US gal) of acetone, nearly 30 litres (7 imp gal; 8 US gal) of hydrogen peroxide, other ingredients for explosives, and an ISIL flag.

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Also on 23 March, Belgian Muslim groups, such as the League of Imams in Belgium and Executive of the Muslims in Belgium, publicly condemned the bombings and expressed their condolences to the victims and their families.People gathering, chalk drawings and flowers for the victims.The largest message says (translated from French), Brussels is beautiful, with further inscriptions of Stop violence, Stop war, Unity, and Humanity.A post-reopening target of 800–1,000 passengers per hour was projected, compared to pre-bombing traffic of 5,000 passengers per hour.The delay in the reopening was attributed to extensive damage to the building's infrastructure.

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