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However, what may be surprising is the number of sites dedicated to people who, though not amputees themselves, harbor a fascination for "all things amputee." Web sites such as the interests of three main groups of people, who are known on the Internet as "devotees," "pretenders," and "wannabes." While the individuals in each of these groups are usually able-bodied themselves, the intensity of their interest in amputees means that they may interact or intersect with the amputee community in dramatic ways.It is, therefore, important that all amputees have some understanding of the interests and characteristics of these amputee enthusiasts.In addition to the stigma resulting from the mental disorder classification, devotees also have a reputation for engaging in behavior that can be disturbing, and even frightening, to amputees.For some devotees the attraction to amputees appears to become almost an obsession.

One of the only studies of devotees certainly seems to indicate that many devotees feel anxiety and shame as a result of their desires.

Another important aim of many of the Web sites is to discourage the feelings of shame apparently prevalent among devotees, pretenders and wannabes and to encourage acceptance and understanding among amputees.

This aim is particularly evident in the case of devotees, who are very likely to interact directly with amputees.

The article, “Apotemnophilia: Two Cases of Self-Demand Amputation as a Paraphilia,” appeared in the and detailed the case histories of two men who sought treatment at the psychohormonal research unit at Johns Hopkins.

Both men expressed a sexual attraction to amputees and wished to become amputees themselves.

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